Backdoors is an extraordinary outdoor concert experience produced exclusively by The Humming Tree. We bring to you, stand alone shows featuring some of the biggest artists in the world for all the love that can be filled into special warehouse venues and outdoor spaces. But that's not all, each aspect of the festival is uniquely knit together with experiences loaded with good energies that everyone can both absorb and contribute to. Backdoors is about keeping it simple and making space for good change in the industry by bringing music to your very own backyards. The goal is to eventually launch waves of revolution to stand alongside artists in support of their art. You will see that the festival has grown along with its parent values at the upcoming edition; an ethos that The Humming Tree proudly claims as its own - to provide a platform for local talent, to cushion their growth, and to enable development with clarity, and to leave behind things that inadvertently make art and performance something that it doesn't need to be.


Backdoors made its debut in December 2016 at The Indiranagar Club, Bangalore, with Steven Wilson (United Kingdom), José González (Sweden), and Patrick Watson (Canada). A team of 9 people who wore their hearts out on a sleeve, all sat down on a table to build what would change the way people could routinely interact with the "scene" over a matter of two months. The more the festival discovered its structure, the more the festival acquired a larger family of creative minds consisting of sponsors, partners, press associations, photographers, videographers, volunteers, staff, and an audience of 4000 people. The festival grounds at The Indiranagar Club was tirelessly transformed overnight into what would be unrecognisable as a tennis court.


The world is beautifully diverse in the forms of art and skill that we have access to. What we'd like to groom the festival into will tap into both local and global ideas that can come to fruition with a strong backing for all the values that lie at the core of Backdoors as a concept - quality, ingenuity, honesty, and everything else that we can adopt to constantly better the characteristics of the overall spirit. In many ways then, Backdoors isn't an ideologically restricted celebration of the arts but a safe space to enable dialogue in the field while also enjoying the resources that are available to us at any given time. With the involvement of Amnesty International, we're also looking forward to activating conversations that should be addressed on a glocal (global+local) scale. The future will see Backdoors grow into a bigger platform for communities rooted across cities close to you.


The energy of Backdoors sees the likes of all kinds of people, of various ages, lifestyles, and tastes. We're an all welcoming safe space that respects people's identity (and/or their choices to abstain from labels). We're built on a foundation of love and respect for one another, with no ulterior motive than to entertain with a genuine interest in preserving, developing and sustaining the culture of our time. There's something for everyone from all walks and strides of life.


Open since June 2013, The Humming Tree is an arts, music and performance venue based in Bangalore, India. We’re built on a foundation of passion and love for the arts. We provide a nurturing environment for both artists and audiences to explore the varied creative resources we have access to in the world around us. Over the last four years, we’ve been a space that positively preserves, sustains and changes creative discourse thus becoming one of Bangalore's foremost cultural incubators.

At present, we're curating 20+ programmes a month panning across not only music but also film, education, comedy, theatre, poetry, storytelling, fundraisers, conversations on the environment and sustainability and supporting social change and awareness through our various projects.